This year Mike and I celebrated our 30th anniversary by taking a trip to St. Thomas. We had a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute. We took a tour of the British Virgin Islands and enjoyed white sandy beaches, meeting new friends and relaxing. Unfortunately vacations come to an end. Sitting in the airport waiting…

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Zentangle Background Tutorial

Idea #20 for Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled Too, Facebook group. Jane asked me to post a tutorial on using Tombow markers and salt. I’ve also used Dylusion sprays with salt on the last two images. 1. Gather supplies: Salt, Water mister, Tombow Markers and/or Dylusion sprays 2. Using your Tombow markers color several colors in…

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In 2015 around Valentine’s Day there were many posts and patterns that included hearts. As I was playing around in my Tangle a Day Calendar I wanted to use a heart but create something that felt light and airy to me. This is what I came up with. It made me think of love getting…

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Brain Surgery and Zentangle

Beep… beep… beep… “Breathe Christine, come on you have to take a breath” beep… beep… beep… “Christine, you HAVE to breathe!”  beep… beep… beep… I just want to be left alone to sleep. Don’t make me try to breathe, it hurts. That was three years ago this month. I’d had a brain tumor (benign) for…

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Circles make me happy. This pattern has a lot of possibilities. I love doing rows on top with other tangles underneath them. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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Dream Dancer

Dream Dancer – a new Zentangle pattern came to life while I was trying to fall asleep. As I was trying to fall asleep one night, somewhere in between being fully awake and asleep, I pictured this pattern. I grabbed my notebook and drew it out. One of the variations looks like a dancer to…

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My Essential Oil Journey

In September 2014, I signed up to be a distributer for Young Living Essential Oils. Now I can’t imagine my life without oils. I’m currently sitting at my desk with a bottle of water that has a few drops of grapefruit, lemon and orange oils. It is like having a treat. Don’t get me wrong, I…

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Zentangle Discovery

I first discovered Zentangle quite by accident. In December of 2012 I had brain surgery for a benign brain tumor. Two months after that surgery I was re-admitted to the hospital with a subdural hematoma. Following each surgery, I was advised by my doctor to take breaks away from the computer often during the day….

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Diva challenge #181

“Water” is this week’s Diva challenge. I love water. It balances me. When I was suffering from horrible migraines, besides the dark room, pillow over my head, ice pack over my eyes, and drugs, the sound of waves was what helped me to try to relax. It was imagining myself at the beach with the…

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Diva Challenge #180

This week’s Diva challenge  “UMT – MacDee by Anneke Van Dam” was fun. I had to do color for this one. I mean really, the plaid just screamed out for color. Luckily I had been playing with the sprays that I bought from Pat. I had some leftover spray on my craft sheet and mopped it…

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