Zentangle Pattern: Pax

Posted by Christine in Patterns, Zentangle / February 20, 2014

This is my first attempt at getting a Zentangle pattern accepted at the tanglepatterns.com website.


Author: Christine


  • Connie March 28, 2014 in 5:36 pm

    Wow! Great work! And a great story. Hope you are all recovered and feeling well now.

  • Connie March 28, 2014 in 5:37 pm

    Wow! Great work! Love the way you put the patterns together. And a great story. Hope you are feeling well, now.

    • admin (author) March 28, 2014 in 6:45 pm

      Thanks Connie. I am feeling well. Zentangle really helps me to be more focused and balanced.

  • YvonneDunmore March 28, 2014 in 6:25 pm

    Great job on PAX loved doing this.

    • admin (author) March 28, 2014 in 6:44 pm

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked Pax. I would love to see what you’ve done with it!

  • Karen March 28, 2014 in 7:19 pm

    I love your tangle and I love the soft lines and the way you can take it where ever you want to go thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!

  • jan March 28, 2014 in 7:31 pm

    I love it Can’t wait to tangle!

  • Nancy Robinso March 28, 2014 in 7:34 pm

    Love Pax! Can hardly wait to get busy with a tile. Lately I haven’t been liking the new patterns much – but this one is awesome. Thanks.

  • Lila March 28, 2014 in 7:56 pm

    such a pretty tangle – tfs

  • Holly Hudson March 28, 2014 in 9:20 pm

    a wonderful new tangle, a delightful name and your story is a true inspiration!
    we loved Paris, still have not seen Hawaii, but are looking forward to tulips in Amsterdam in late April…..maybe I will find a tangle in the lush gardens!
    Holly CZT#4

  • Dayna Barnes March 28, 2014 in 9:52 pm

    That is quite lovely, Christine! I am just as eager as everyone else to try it out. In fact…gotta go. 🙂

  • Kathleen Horton March 28, 2014 in 10:47 pm

    Pax is a winner. I found it very relaxing to execute and love the two samplers.

  • Sharon Wrench March 29, 2014 in 7:00 am

    Beautiful pattern! I hope you are feeling better. I just visited my daughter in Kansas as she has been sick with stomach cancer. I have given her some Zentangle supplies and a book and I hope that she will take an interest in it as it is so relaxing. I look forward to trying your new pattern. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jane Marbaix March 29, 2014 in 7:52 am

    Really like this – I’d like to feature it in my book that I am writing. Is that okay?
    CZT6 UK

  • nel wisse March 29, 2014 in 10:54 am

    I read your story and was very impressed and admire your way of living.
    And your art also.

    Stay enjoying !!

    Best wishes from Nel. (Living in the Netherlands)

  • Teppie March 29, 2014 in 3:00 pm

    Luv, luv, luv this tangle. It is so soft and fluid. Can’t wait to try it. As with most found this new art form quite by accident and fell in love instantly. Hope all is going well with your health. My prayers are with you and your family. Keep up the beautiful work.
    Teppie (Reno’s Mom)

  • Wanda Rader March 29, 2014 in 4:09 pm

    Isn’t Zentangle great! I too find it takes me “out of myself” and stills all the noise in my monkey mind. Love your pattern. I am especially fond of anything “Cadent-ish” and this pattern, kind of lacy, kind of ribbony, kind of delight-inspiring, is just the ticket. Hope you are mending faster every day.

  • victoria March 29, 2014 in 5:34 pm

    I love this tangle and your story leading up to your discovery of Zentangle. These are my favorite types of tangles because they take me out of the “grid” and turn me loose in a different direction. I send you love, peace and joy as you continue your journey.

  • ZaBeth Marsh March 30, 2014 in 6:54 am

    I love Pax. Thank you for sharing the story behind it. I’ve come to love Zentangle while in hospital as well. Your designs inspire me.

  • Jeannie March 30, 2014 in 1:13 pm

    Beautiful. Hope you’re stronger everyday!

  • Barbara Burgess March 31, 2014 in 4:30 pm

    Hi. What a wonderful pattern you have made! I also learned Zentangle during a hospital stay. I have Multiple Myeloma (cancer in the bone marrow). It is incurable, but I had 2 stem cell transplants for a clinical trial, in hopes that it would help me keep it at bay. So far, it has! Meanwhile, I have been doing Zentangle (self taught) since 2012. I took a class in 2013 and it opened up a whole new world of Zentangle. I am now a CZT and loving it! I started out doing it as a way to ease pain. Now, I found that I am able to focus better, especially after all of the chemo I have had! Thanks for the new tangle. I plan on using it very soon! Good luck to you.
    Barb, CZT

  • Robin Amyb March 31, 2014 in 6:06 pm

    Thanks for the great story and the neat tangle. I hope to become a CZT by the end of this year. Zentangle has really help with my inner spirit!

  • Magrat7451 May 7, 2014 in 10:25 am

    Love it. Can’t wait to see how it works its way into something I’m doing but it won’t be long, I’m sure. Good luck with your recovery.

  • HeidiSue June 23, 2014 in 2:02 am

    I have been experimenting lately with spirals that follow the fibonacci series…such as you might find in the center of a daisy, or around a pine cone, or in cauliflower, and in many other places in nature.
    Step three of this tangle is just exactly where I start my fractal’ish spirals, and I can hardly wait to play with this tangle. Looks fascinating and fun!

  • Dan Riffel April 24, 2015 in 8:59 pm

    Is it o.k. to copy patterns and send as personal cards (not published. I love the zentangeling, but I am not necessarily crerative to put them together. Of course they would all have my "twist" on them.


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