Diva Challenge #172

This week’s challenge was Duotangle – Auraknot vs Mooka. I had never tried Auraknot but love Mooka. One of my Auraknots got very messed up, of course it was my first one. But overall I like the piece. I just have to ignore that one area. I REALLY love the colors I put together on the watercolor paper.

Diva Challenge #172 Mooka and Auraknot
Diva Challenge #172 Mooka and Auraknot

9 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #172”

    1. Thank you! I love using colors and have worked hard to get over the thought that I’d “mess them up” so I keep on tangling on them. 🙂

    1. Thanks Donald! I had fun with the color wash. I did it with the Tombow markers and really like the technique (and not so much of a mess as using my water colors).

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