Diva challenge #178

Posted by Christine in Challenges, Zentangle / July 29, 2014

This week’s Diva challenge is to do a DuoTangle using tangles that begin with the letters of you name. I have C and R. I chose Cruffle and Rixty. I was looking to have them sort of morf together. I think it worked out pretty well.

This was tangled on water color paper that I used shimmer spray on in a Fun With Paper class at the Photography center in Frazer, Pa. Thanks to Pat for the fun play time!

I can honestly say that I’m glad I did it yesterday. Today would have a bad tangle kind of day. I was working on a monotonous project of fixing author names in a database. You fell asleep a little reading that didn’t you? It’s ok to admit it. Really. I came home with Pink Floyd lyrics, “one day closer to death…” On repeat in my mind. So yeah, I’m so glad it’s over now. Well at least until tomorrow.

Now if my eye would just stop twitching…

Diva challenge 178 Duotangle

Author: Christine


  • 1 Art Lady Kate Tangles July 30, 2014 in 1:01 pm

    I really like the way that you used cruffle and put it together with rixty!

  • Annemarie July 31, 2014 in 1:46 am

    I like this tile on this beautiful paper. And never forget that ‘bad’ days get better when you tangle.

  • LonettA July 31, 2014 in 3:24 am

    Wonderful tile! Great idea the combiantion of Cruffle and Rixty. Lovely colour, too!

  • Donald W August 2, 2014 in 5:37 pm

    Like the paper that you used. I sometimes like color on a piece this way more than coloring the tangles. Like how you combined these two tangles.


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